Yours Gratefully, A Graduate

December 10th, 2019 at 9h30 I had the incredible privilege of being capped, after 3 years + 3 months of tireless reading, researching and writing.

It is an honour to be able to say that I am officially a Nelson Mandela University Bachelor of Arts (Media, Communication & Culture) graduate.


My journey started in February of 2016, and was one not without its challenges.

As with any achievement, the reward at the end outweighs the blood, sweat and tears that went with it.




Growing up, I always knew I would end up in either the entertainment or media sphere even though I wasn’t entirely sure which specific field.

I had always had a vested interest in public speaking, presenting, writing (+ reading) therefore going into varsity it was incredibly important for me to study something that was going to be both of interest to me and of benefit not just during my time at varsity but beyond – going into the working world.

I won’t lie, the Media, Communication & Culture course was not exactly what I had expected. There were many modules I wasn’t too fond of and could not wrap my head around the significance they should have had on my studies, but upon reflection I realise that like many things in life, their purpose were to build my character, open my mind to the different aspects of the world at large and broaden my knowledge of things I would never have known or understood otherwise.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to not only further myself intellectually, but push myself to heights I never dreamt I could reach.



To my family, more especially my parents, I say thank you for raising me to be so fiercely bold and brave. For carefully moulding me into the passionate, spirit filled young woman I am today. Growing up in a household fuelled by a culture of support, encouragement and constructive criticism has made the fearless pursuit of my dreams a joyous journey.

How immensely proud I am to be part of a lineage of strong, independent individuals. Where success is not measured by the said weight of ones accomplishment but the relentless courage and strength it took to reach that point.

“If my mother and father are the roots and I am the tree, everything I do are the fruits of their labour.”

Toni-Ann Singh (Miss World Jamaica 2019) 



The importance of saying “no” when  necessary and the art of being coolly confident are just two of the plethora of lessons learnt from Merle (Mel) Heideman over the years.

A fearless woman of God, who so lovingly took the time out to be there for a 15 year old girl still fumbling her way through high school, till she graduated from university at 22 years old and prayerfully the years yet to come.

It is often said by many that words can fail to describe the impact a single human being can have on the ones life, and that is seen to be true in this case.




I am blessed to have friends who continue to push me to break borders, who support me in ways unimaginable and encourage me to be better than the woman I think I should/could be.






Should you be reading this and aren’t sure if you should go for it, whatever “it” may be – DO IT.

You are capable of more than you know, give yourself the opportunity to find out just how much.

Shine your light, brave the storm, rise victorious.



Yours Gratefully, A Graduate.


Venue: Hacklewood Hill Country House



All images by Ckreate Photography & Illustration


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas

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