#DearSouthAfrica, ZARA is Now Online

As of September 18th, Spanish fashion giant ZARA officially launched their highly anticipated online purchasing platform, zara.com/za, answering the prayers of many stylistas.

ZARA online screenshot


I had the incredible privilege of being one of the micro-influencers offered an early access gift voucher to shop the day before launch day and share the experience with my 2.5K+ followers on Instagram.


Individuals using both iOS and Android devices are able to access zara.com/za using any browser as well as the ZARA App.

Customers are given the option to either collect their purchased items at any ZARA store of their choice, at drop off points or receive the parcel at their doorstep.


Personally, I opted for the home delivery. Having ordered my items on September 17th, they arrived at my desired delivery location the morning of September 23rd.


My items included a Basic Blazer in the colour “Oil”, Black Mid-heel Cowboy Ankle BootsΒ  (sold out) and a ZARA LINE IT UP! lip-liner in the shade “Tinted Leather”.




Being apart of ZARA’s #DearSouthAfrica campaign gave smaller scale “influencers”, such as myself, the opportunity to leave our footprints in the sands of style history as being a part of a campaign of this magnitude has the potential to open many other doors for our content creator careers.

I, personally, was able to show that despite my smaller audience, the relationship we have trumps that of most. Between the quality of my content and the authentic engagement between my followers – I am proud of what I’m building.

It’s more than just a platform, it’s a space that fuels peace, positivity + productivity and breeds life, love and light.


All images by Anecke Greyling of Ckreate Photography & Illustration


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

– Amanda Klaas



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