Let’s Talk About Cocoa w/ Mondelez International


Last Saturday, 20 July 2019, I had the pleasure of lunching with some incredible Eastern Cape Bloggers as well as representatives from Mondelēz International brought together by one common love – chocolate.


cocoa life-47


When someone mentions chocolate, more often than not we instantly think of indulging in a decadent Cadbury dairy milk bar of goodness, right?


It is no secret that the most important ingredient in chocolate is cocoa, but did you know that 70% of the world’s cocoa is grown by farmers (mostly family-owned farms) in West Africa.


Unfortunately the effects of climate change, disease, lack of access to new farming methods + technologies has led to a decline in some cocoa plantations. The younger generation, the future farmers, are seemingly swept away by the thrill of the big city which leaves the responsibility of managing the farms up to those left behind.


In 2012, a holistic cocoa sustainability program, the Mondelez International Cocoa Life Program, was established in order to elevate and strengthen cocoa communities, women and society at large, as well as inspire future cocoa farmers.


cocoa life-8


At the luncheon, we had the privilege of hearing from the Country Lead of the Cocoa Life Program in Ghana, Yaa Peprah Amekudzi. Having been the Country Lead of Cocoa Life for 10 years, one can hear as she speaks the passion she has not only for the work that is being done but the passion for the people of Ghana.


cocoa life-63


That passion translated in the oh-so-lovely individually hand picked Kente cloths each blogger was presented with. Kente is a royal and sacred cloth, said to be “the cloth of kings” and its vibrant yet regal look makes for the perfect accessory to round up a “Boss Lady” look – don’t you think?




It has been reported that to date, roughly 150 000 farmers are now equipped to grow cocoa more effectively.


The immensely good work done to not only ensure sustainable cocoa, but to uplift the farming communities as well is incredibly admirable and can be seen in the chocolate-y goodness we consume from our local retailers.


How can you get involved?

It’s simple: head to your nearest retailer, purchase your favourite Cadbury product and munch away!

As of this month, July 2019, be on the look-out for The Cocoa Life stamp, which will be on all Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs.

Visit The Cocoa Life Website for more information on the Program as well as other initiatives taking place worldwide.


cocoa life-75


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post 


All images by Odette Johaar Photography



Stay beautiful, stay blessed

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