3 Outfits, 1 Shoe with PUMA Cali Nubuck

Being a woman is an incredibly interesting thing, especially when it comes to style.
One can miraculously go from Tomboy Chic to Boss Lady in .2 secs.
It may seem like it would take hoards of clothing in order to achieve different types of unique looks each passing week, but with the right basics you can achieve more looks than you can imagine.


One of these basics being a fiercely classic pair of shoes such as the PUMA Cali Nubucks.



Having dropped in stores February 1st, these beautifully soft pastel sneakers are an evolution of the clean classic PUMA Cali’s that dropped in November 2018.


With this shoe, it’s all in the details.

The velvety nubuck (suede-like leather) upper and detailed platform sole make these the perfect shoe to conquer the urban jungle in style.


Here are the 3 ways I’ve styled these season must have sneakers:







The versatility of these sneakers, evident in these contrasting outfits is unmatched.
Their casually cool nature make it possible for one to be bold, expressive and ready to go about one’s day to day events – whether that be work, university, filming, lunch dates or just casually roaming the busy city streets.


You can grab your pair at any The Cross Trainer, Office London or selected PUMA stores.


This post is sponsored by PUMA South Africa




All images by Matthew du Plessis


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas

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