3 Ways I’m Doing The New Year


Schools have officially commenced and many individuals have returned to the usual 8 to 4 grind, which can only mean that the New Year is in full swing and with the ‘new chapter’ spirit comes some annual goal setting.

To me, setting goals is an integral part of taking control of one’s daily life in preparation for the future.

Putting your desires and plans into the universe, whether it be on paper or spoken, has a way of bringing it to light in a way that is much greater than ever expected – with some hard work and dedication of course.

As one of the most popular and frequently referenced Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction states that “the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on”.


This year, I have decided to set three main mental goals that will pour over into my day to day life.


Here are 3 ways I’m doing 2019:


[let the success speak for itself]
It’s always so tempting to announce new plans and developments in one’s life.
This stems out of a place of excitement and zeal for what is to come but what I’ve learnt recently is that one’s true intent lies in what is done and not what is said.
I want to conserve the time and effort spent vocalising my aspirations in order to make use of those elements in the act of attaining these said goals and aspirations.


[pat yourself on the back, you’ve earned it]
We are our own worst critics, that’s a known fact but it is immensely important to give ourselves the much deserved accolades more times than we beat ourselves up for inevitable mishaps and shortcomings.
Making headway on a project, finishing a book, getting through a workout or even waking up before the dreaded alarm – all victories.
Contrary to popular belief, success is not measured by the magnitude of your achievements.
I will be kind to myself.
I will not doubt my abilities.
I will celebrate.


[don’t be afraid of growth]
As I get older, I have found myself been able to make sound decisions that directly affect my future without hesitation.
I no longer have fear of the unknown.
I look forward to spending more time with myself, getting to know parts of me I have neglected.
I vow to say no more often – to things that don’t fuel, serve or reflect who I am and the woman I am working towards becoming.




May this year see all your hard work to fruition.

May you be present at all times.

May you be proud of yourself.

May it be great.

To 2019.


All images by Matthew du Plessis


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas

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