#YellowEatsOut : Savages Fine Food

Finding the perfect breakfast spot may be a bit of a challenge for most, but thankfully I have found solace in a place that might just be what you’ve been looking for.
Located on the corner of Park Drive, Savages is an elegant Victorian style fine dining establishment that offers perfectly plated eats and treats, beverages bursting with flavour and heart-warming service.
How lovely it is to sit on the veranda as you sip their fresh juice, indulge in one of the tantalizing food offerings and soak up the beautifully warm morning sun.


On this day, I already knew I’d go for the flapjacks because I had had the bacon option a week prior – so the blueberry option was high on my radar.
Needless to say, paired with some cream it was absolutely scrumptious.
I am not the biggest cooked fruit lover, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I truly enjoyed each bite.



I did have some food envy peeping over at Leigh of Life of Ling ‘s delectable Eggs Benedict with Salmon.



As a freelance Content Creator and Communications Consultant with quite a head spinning schedule, it is lovely to have a place where one can start or end the day off in peace.

The gorgeous garden, elegant interior and stunning staff make coming to Savages Fine Food, feel like home.




All images by Marc Herve


70 Park Drive, St Georges, Port Elizabeth

Trading Hours:


Tues - Fri: 7h30 - 16h30

Sat: 8h00 - 16h00

Sun: 9h00 - 16h00



Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx

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