#MakingMicraMoves with Nissan Eastern Cape

Being a young woman in the contemporary society we live in today is a super power.
We are movers and shakers – constantly making things happen.

Imagine having a car that helped you climb that socio-economic ladder,
more than just a point A to point B, but a best friend.
That’s the Nissan Micra.
Allow me to tell you why.

October 11th marked the start of an incredible journey.
One of productivity, positivity and peace.


A group of 10 bold and beautiful young women from the bay gathered at the Nissan Eastern Cape dealership for the Do Your Thing: Ride & Drive to celebrate and kick start my appointment as guest ambassador of Nissan Eastern Cape – a first of its kind.


The day began with an exhilarating convoyed scenic drive to Noordhoek Beach, which served as the perfect backdrop for some “Girl Gang” snaps.


Our vibrant Nissan Micra’s then powered us off to get some scrumptious lunch & dessert treats from picturesque farm style eatery, Grass Roof.
With presentation to die for and taste to make one’s heart do cartwheels – the food was nothing short of exceptional.

This gave us the much needed fuel to get Fashion Week ready, which couldn’t be possible without the help of Total Concept.
The incredibly talented staff ensured each and every one of us left looking and feeling like absolute goddesses.


Needless to say, Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week was sensational.
The talent the bay has birthed never ceases to blow me away.



I must say, this day had me feeling boundlessly grateful. Not just for the opportunity, but for the gift of womanhood.
To witness a group of highly driven young women with different paths and purposes come together is immensely inspirational.
That’s the power of the Nissan Micra.



Thank you to Steph and the NEC Team for trusting me to help carry the Nissan brand to new heights.



Watch out for me zipping through the streets #MakingMicraMoves.


All images by Chris (from Nissan Eastern Cape)




Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx

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