Let’s Talk About Skincare & POND’S Flawless Radiance Derma+ Range

As I start notice how skin changes as one ages, seasons come & go and dietary choices fluctuate – skincare has become an integral part of my daily routine.

I have to admit, when puberty struck I never really had to deal with serious skin issues. I owe that to my lineage for the genes.
Unfortunately for me, I believed I didn’t have to take care of my skin – a simple wash and go was it.


As you ease your way into adolescence, which means adapting to a different kind of lifestyle than the teenage years, one’s physically changes a lot more as well. This includes skin, more especially the face.

Adolescence brings with it many varying factors that may contribute to skin problems.
This can be stress, hormones, medication, aging, lifestyle (including diet) – the list goes on and on.
Personally, I pin my minor skin issues such as acne and dehydration on the amount of caffeine and unhealthy food I consume on a daily basis.
I have combination skin, which simply means that parts of my face are dry and others are quite oily. Finding products, even one single brand, that works best for one’s skin type can be a bit of a tedious and financially taxing job.
That is why when I received the POND’S Flawless Radiance Derma+ Range I was quite interested to see what it could do for my skin as the range offers three different skin type solutions for quite an affordable price.
The range consists of a 3 in 1 Brightening Micellar Water, a Perfecting Serum, Day and Night Cream.



My skin seems to be a bit more oilier than it is dry therefore my skincare focus is to eradicate unnecessary oils.
The Micellar Water as well as the Perfecting Serum work absolute wonders for my skin.
Both these products have helped me unlock a confidence that is unmatched, thanks to my now glowing skin.
The Micellar Water, my favourite of the lot, is immensely hydrating and is the best at removing makeup and revitalizing my skin after a long and busy day.
Not to mention the smooth and delicate consistency of the Perfecting Serum. Perfect base before applying moisturizer.


I do, however, have to admit that the day and night cream have unfortunately not been the best fit for my face. A bit too drying on my skin and I am not too fond of the white cast it leaves on my face. As I am always on the go and often rushing in the morning – I need a moisturizer that’s easy to apply but still has a beautifully glowy finish.


Speaking of glowy, here are some pointers for brighter and healthier skin:

  • keep hydrated = drink plenty of water
  • daily dose of vitamin b (leafy green veggies), c (citrus fruits) + d (seafood, protein)
  • cut down on your sugar and salt intake
  • add coconut oil, lemons + honey into either your diet or skincare
  • follow and stick to a day + night skincare routine
  • try to use more radiance boosting makeup (nothing mattifying)
  • ensure that you get enough rest = at least 6-8hrs of sleep
  • look into your pillowcases = organic cotton, satin or silk is recommended



I have learnt that taking care of your skin is an expression of love for yourself and your body.

Takes passion, patience and poise.

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

– Erno Laszlo


All images by Marc Herve


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx

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