#YellowWoreWhat: Plaid Blazer Trend

A/W 2018 has arrived and the style streets have seen quite a number of trends slowly creeping in.
One of these being plaid blazers.
This, however, is nothing new – much like most trends.
This check patterned phenomenon came into my life the very first time I watched the 90’s coming of age film Clueless.

I mean, I am donning a blazer my father wore when he was my age – that is saying enough already.

Heritage Cafe (2)


I have always been someone who does not really like to buy into certain fashion trends – I mean style is defined by you and not what you see others wearing (correct me if I’m wrong).
Sometimes, however, it is quite difficult not to try something you have seen either on the runways or on your favourite fashionistas.




One thing that makes this trend everlasting is its versatility. There are many different ways to style this blazer and variants of colours to choose from.

It is important to note that blazers are a must have item of clothing, that never seem to go out of style.

Different Styles of Plaid
Different Styles of Plaid


So whether you’re going on campus or a coffee date with a friend, throw on your plaid blazer to give your look that fashion week meets street style edge – trust me.





Images by Triss Msabane & Marc Herve



Stay beautiful, stay blessed
-Amanda Klaas xx

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