That’s The Difference: Goals Vs Resolutions

What is the difference between Goals and Resolutions?
This is a question I have found myself asking a lot lately.
I mean come on, we’re all guilty of the “New Year New Me” and “New Year’s Resolutions” phase in our lives. Now I call it a phase because [for some] it comes and goes, and really quickly might I add.
Studies show that many resolutions don’t even make it past the first month of the New Year. Clearly #DontRememberDecember wasn’t just a hashtag.
All jokes aside though, why does this seem to happen every single New Year?
My guess would be, most people set themselves up for failure. Now don’t take this the wrong way, but it is very easy to say something that sounds or looks very good and doable on paper but cannot seem to be put into motion. Reason being, one is not being realistic on what is actually attainable or merely an empty promise to a group of ‘friends’ you feel pressured to impress.
That’s the difference.
Then it would seem that goals and resolutions could practically be one and the same thing but one outweighs the other based on mentality.
In most cases, resolutions are made on impulse. The festive season has a way of making people extra giddy and ready to take on the world in the New Year, not fully aware of the commitment they have signed themselves up for.
That’s the difference.


I was speaking to a close friend of mine about this topic the other day and they say that resolutions and goals can be differentiated by duration. For example, a resolution may be something short term (such as passing a test) and not as serious as say a longer term goal such as buying a house.
Many may agree, but what if I told you the way that I have learnt to differentiate between the two.
Think of resolutions as promises like I mentioned earlier, either made to yourself or a loved one. Promises can be altered and/or broken at any given time without explanation – happens all the time.
But goals are taken more seriously. Over the years we have learnt to buckle down and make goal setting a priority before entering into a new academic or work environment.
We have learnt that goals need to be SMART and we need to hold each other accountable to these set goals.

These two differences aren’t ones that we have been told or are written in the stars, but something we have programmed our brains to believe.
Like I said, one outweighs the other in mentality.
That’s the difference.
All in all, there are many ways one could differentiate between a goal or a resolution. The important and admirable part is that one takes their lives seriously enough to be able to sit down (or stand) and plan what’s best for it.
So whether you call it a goal or a resolution, don’t stop.
Attainable or not, planning or dreaming is better than nothing at all.

That’s the difference.

Gleam and Glow.

All images by Marc Herve


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx

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