Klean in Kappa

Recently there has been an immense prevalence of old school classic brands, getting a pretty boost from social media “cool kids”, celebrities and influencers all across the globe.

I mean, we’ve seen Fila x Gosha Robschinskiy at New York Fashion Week, Teyana Taylor in Reebok Classics, Kendall & Kylie Jenner in Kappa jackets respectively and how can I forget South African’s very own Tshepang Mollison (Twiggy Moli) setting fire to our cellphone screens with her Fila collaboration. Honestly, the list is endless. The nostalgia in the air in the trends sphere has been having the athleisure gods beaming from ear to ear.
If anyone knows me well enough, you know that I am absolutely obsessed with joggers, sweat pants or any comfortable bottoms – granted they don’t look pyjama-esque.
So on my recent trip to the city of gold, I had to snag myself a pair of Kappa Banda 10 Alen Track Pants I had been dreaming of for months.

Now, if you’re as experimental as me when it comes to style – getting the opportunity to style these bad boys would have been like a kid in a candy store.
My first instinct? The classic white shirt.

Why? Well you don’t want to overpower the pants by pairing them with an equally bold (or busy) printed or colourful tee. You want the pants to do all the talking.
I have opted for this crisp button-down collared shirt (stolen from my dad), complimented by delicate gold and white accessories and Versace inspired glasses.
Of course, you can style it whatever which way you see fit but fact remains – the prevalence of these classic brands such as Kappa is perpetual.



“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

Make your style story everlasting.
Gleam and glow.

All images by Lihle Menziwa


Stay beautiful, stay blessed
– Amanda Klaas xx


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