“Life is black and white;

it’s up to you to paint the colours.”




That’s what life is.

Funny – because about a month ago, I most definitely would not have told you that.

We as human beings have this thing of making things more than what they truly are because that is what being a human entails, forcing ourselves and more especially others to believe in the makeshift complexities of our existence.

Of course, I (for the most part) speak for myself when I say this but hear me out.

For the majority of my life but above all this year, I have struggled immensely with the notion of happiness. I did not realize how synthetic a concept it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a bad thing – it just took me a while to finally come to the realization that happiness is something that is reproduced/engineered by oneself.


“It is either you create it or you don’t”



Circumstance has a way of shifting one’s focus from what is, to what should be.

An unfortunate reality, but one that can most definitely be changed. That is, if one is willing of course.

Did you know: you wire your own brain – this is not a scientific fact – but seriously (and i know this has been said time and time again) you truly determine your own happiness.

Let me put this into perspective. A close friend of mine told me they are not ticklish, which I as an extremely ticklish person found very hard to believe. One day I caught them off-guard and tickled them and the reaction was priceless. When I tried it again it did not work, which perplexed me a bit. They explained to me that, they are able to completely shut off the urge/feeling of wanting to react to being tickled – it’s all in the mind. Like most things in life, it is mind over matter.

On a more serious note, they continued to tell me, “once you give a situation, circumstance or even person the opportunity to sneak into your head even with the slightest negative tinge – you’ve already given it too much power over you. The only person that should be in control is yourself.”

Yes, sometimes rocks will get flung your way (the brutal cycle of existence) but the way in which you let that affect you has a powerful effect (in either an uplifting or detrimental way) on your emotional well-being.

I must say, I learnt this the long and hard way.


“Feelings are affected by your immediate environment, friends and relationships.”


One’s happiness should not depend on someone else’s presence in their life but there is nothing as pure and honest in a friendship and/ or relationship than the love of the other playing a vital role in your happiness.

There is great fortune in finding people that make painting the colour into your life all the more easy and magical.


“Be yourself’s best friend.”

Self love is a whole other topic completely, but note to self: be the best friend (to yourself) that you wish to have.

Cherish those moments alone with yourself

Laugh, that big ugly laugh at yourself

Be honest with yourself

Be yourself

And most importantly: love yourself


& wholeheartedly.



Now, I am able to dance with the idea of happiness with stars in my eyes.

I may still be a work in progress,

but as I paint my way through this life

I have vowed to put my emotional well-being first.



let my mind choose positivity

let my spirit wander

let my aura glow





[ All images by Marc Herve ]


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx

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