Stepping Out 

When this year started I made a vow to myself: that I would take full control of my life, not immerse myself in situations that honestly do not need me or will have no lasting impact on my life and make more time for things that bring me joy.
After all I am going into my 20s & that’s low key exciting but also eye opening. I mean, knowing that I will no longer be a teenager has made me realize how much living I need to start doing. No I don’t mean lets do all I couldn’t do as a teen or bucket list ticking kind of living – I mean honestly and unapologetically being who I am, fiercely pushing my passions and unconditionally loving life.
Recently I went on a hike with two of my friends that really made me appreciate the relationship I have with the people in my life. Usually when you catch up with a friend you do so over lunch bought with money sometimes you really don’t have but because it’s a thing it must be done. It isn’t even a case of “keeping up appearances”, there’s actually a genuine love for good food… but let’s be honest restaurant food can be quite expensive and there comes a time when one needs to realize their current situation, accept circumstance and learn to adapt. Part of adapting is finding alternative things to do that fit into your current situation, and who says they can’t be fun?

Activities like hiking, picnics, beach days, flea markets.. are cheap to free, make for good group activities and are quite enjoyable.

Saving money is a major priority right now but I don’t believe that means never leaving the house or having any fun, but it’ll be interesting to see what the year has in store for me.

Well I’m always up for an adventure so I’m more than ready to paint this new chapter red, or yellow? Hmm.

Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx

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