Open Letter To Myself

“It is when you lose sight of yourself that you lose your way”

Dear brown sugar

Why do you dismiss yourself?

Do you not see the beauty your soul exudes;

The magic running through your veins.

You deny yourself a love only you can provide

Selflessly rejecting what’s deep within

Selfishly accepting what you don’t deserve,

Willingly polluting your mind with what could have, should have, would have been

Not what is.




“Talking to myself but I never listen”

Dear black pearl

Why do you torment yourself?

Do you not love yourself

Do you not see the way He works within you,

Never giving up

You must

Because sweet, sweet honey

Fills the void where your heart used to be

Drop by drop enameling your body


The genesis of a gem;

Precious to all, valuable to the one.


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“Ask God who made you to keep on remaking you”

Dear Amanda Klaas

Why are you so brave?

Navigating the complexities of womanhood,

The gross mistreatment of an endangered species;

Withered petals of grace..

Give yourself the strength to believe in the power of your being

Do not condemn your own happiness,

to ensure that of others

Seek yourself far and wide

Love yourself deeply and passionately

Be yourself forever.




Where you are right now is just the prologue to an eternal journal,

a living testimony.

Let the pages write themselves

You flower child are the ink.



Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx



Ph: Lwando Mxutu (@lwando_m)

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