Backyard Treasure: #NMBFW

How incredible is it to be in a town where so much talent and creativity looms. To live amongst people who possess such greatness and you had absolutely no idea.

The unveiling of a new tradition that unlocks a wave of opportunity for hundreds of Port Elizabethans, took place this past week 6 – 8 October. History was made right before our eyes and what an honour it was to be a part of it.



Start-ups are never easy, we all know that – especially in little old PE where we all seem to have convinced ourselves that one cannot make a name for themselves here nor can anything successful come to being in this town. It’s a sad reality that we face each and every day not just as artists or creatives but entrepreneurs, business people, civilians… But with the coming of the first ever Mandela Bay Fashion Week that misconception has finally been rectified.

The 3 day event posed as a platform for designers such as Cleo Allison, Tina Ngxokolo, Evans Zemba, Masoli and so many more to showcase their collections to fellow designers, fashion appreciators, bloggers and even potential buyers – an incredible way to help local talent and business grow and prosper.


Events like these are a bit of a rarity in our city. For myself as a blogger I was most excited to meet other bloggers who I only get to interact with via social media. It was great to be able to meet (or network as it is called) in a space that best suits you as a person. How amazing is it to meet people who just get you instantly. Where you arrive at a place and just belong. That’s what the Mandela Bay Fashion Week did for me.



Port Elizabeth needs more and more events like these. Not just annually but monthly even weekly and it is possible. It all begins with us. The organisers of the Mandela Bay Fashion Week are truly admirable. They saw a gap in the market and filled it. A need in the fashion community was met through much passion, tenacity and love – how inspirational is that.



What really stood out for me the most was the support the event received. The amount of sponsors that the event got such as KIA Motors, BLC Attorney’s, Score Energy Drink just to name a few who are not even fashion related but took the money, time and effort to back an event that had never been done in PE.


Quick Fashion Week Tips:

  1. Dress well but still comfortably – you’ll be in that outfit for hours!
  2. Never compromise your character, always be yourself
  3. Make contacts
  4. Keep hydrated – it’s a very long day!


To a successful Fashion Week and many more events like these in PE – Mandela Bay Fashion Week may we meet again.


Stay beautiful, stay blessed

-Amanda Klaas xx

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