Birth Mate Gets Beaded

For those who do not know, i have my mother saved as “Birth Mate” on my cellphone. A little strange and corny but it kinda sorta has a ring to it, no?

Haha, well anyway my mom is quite an interesting woman. She is a woman of many talents and does not let any one of them go to waste.

Over the years, apart from her full time job as a Technician/Inventory Manager she has managed to start a Kids Events Planning Company keeping in mind that she still has a family bring up.

But woah woah, it doesn’t end there.. she has more recently started doing some bead work and is looking into developing that into a business.


What I like about her work (and i am not saying this because she is my mother) is that each piece is individually and uniquely crafted just for you.


I had asked her to make me a necklace that reflects me, the Yellow Orchid Child – bright but simple and she did just that.




Every evening after work, she makes sure we as a family are sorted then she gets beading.

It’s amazing, it’s a type of therapy for her.



  • As a blogger I am so visually enticed by the precision and immaculate attention to detail
  • As a daughter my heart is SO happy to see my mother doing what she loves & my level of proud is beyond any other



It was a pleasure to do this mini feature/collaboration with my mother & wish her nothing but the best for her business prospects!




Photos by myself & Lwando Mxutu (@lwando_m)


Stay beautiful, stay blessed xx

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