More of Less

Going through this journey of blogging, I have learnt a lot about “self”.

I always thought fashion was about basically having what I can’t afford. You see, it’s a common mistake almost everyone makes. We go on social media and see beautiful women or handsome men who “have it all”; we stalk instafamous  people and let’s be honest we kind of envy them.

I won’t lie, for the longest time I thought being a blogger or being stylish was putting on some over the top Zara outfit snapping a pic and posting it.

I was happy to discover that it’s actually all about you, well in my case me.


I know now that I should capitalize on doing me as they say.

  • Be yourself
  • Accept yourself
  • Embrace yourself

That’s literally all it takes.


With this you’ll notice how my style has become more understated. More of a reflection of who I truly am. Minimalistic in fashion terms – simple but classic.


I tend to opt for solid colours of the same palette with close to no accessories at all.

I call this More of Less.

I feel relaxed, at the point in life where  I have expressed my inner self outwardly.


I feel like a blogger, therefore I look like one.

If at all you take anything from this post its this: – Yourself is the only person you can be, no matter what you wish or do. Self love is the most important kind of love. Embrace every step of your journey of discovery one thread at a time.


Shirt: Woolworths

Pants: Woolworths

Shoes: Woolworths

Hat: Mr Price


Ph: Lwando Mxutu (@lwando_m)


Stay beautiful, stay blessed.

-Amanda Klaas xx

6 thoughts on “More of Less

  1. Social media is so distorting sometimes! I was so afraid of blogging for the longest because I just assumed my clothes weren’t designer or brand name enough for it. While I think that brand aesthetic can catch attention, it’s cultivation of personal style that actually holds attention. I love this outfit you’ve put together here! It’s breezy, but very classy and timeless!


  2. This is really interesting and exactly what my campaign is trying to achieve. I think the proliferation of social media, especially Instagram is fostering a toxic culture for young females. Micro-celebrities present a falsified illusion of the true essence of beauty so reality is totally distorted. It would be great to get you on board for this campaign. If you could post a photo of you in a natural lighting and in your favourite natural setting and hashtag #thisisme and tag @curated2realperfection that would be awesome and we can then repost you on our Instagram page. Please check out my wordpress page out as well and let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks so much !

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