Yours Truly

Can I let you in on a little secret?

I make clothes. Yes, yes i do. Well I try to anyway.

But shh, don’t tell a soul this is just between me and you ok?


So way back when, my dad used to help my grandmother who was a seamstress with her work almost all his life. From that he was able to learn a tremendous amount of sewing skills of which he passed on to me.

For the longest time I’d only been able to do alterations. As I am only 1.59m TALL (which i inherited from my mother), most of my (our) pants etc are usually way too long  and therefore need altering so that’s what I’d do.


Recently I started cultivating my skills a little bit and decided to make a couple of items that I have always wanted but could not exactly find the right one.

One of these items is a chiffon kimono.


– a long, loose traditional Japanese robe with wide sleeves, usually tied with a sash.
A lot of people have told me that life is easier when a person sticks to that one thing that they’re good at and work towards “perfecting” that, but who wants an easy life? Furthermore, who wants to be good at just one thing though?
I feel like  it is important in order to live your version of a the balanced life do what makes you happy.
My version of a balanced life is literally doing everything I like and going through a process of elimination from: a) what adds value to my well being to b) whats not working out.
I do not know what the future holds for me in the fashion industry either designing/sewing or blogging but I know for sure it is one of the many things I do that makes me happy.
Leather top: Woolworths

High waist shorts: Woolworths

Chunky Necklace: Mr Price

Blush Pink Kimono: Yours Truly (me)

Shoes: Woolworths
Ph: Luyolo Triss Msabane (@triss_msabane)
stay beautiful, stay blessed
– Amanda Klaas xx


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